Quran Index: Search Holy Quran 2.1

Source:Kamran Zafar

Quran Index is an android application that can be used to search the entire Holy Quran in different languages. It supports a various ways to search the Holy Quran, which makes it very easy to lookup the desired Quranic verses. The default translation is in English by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall and there are a number of other translations available for download, which can easily be added to the QuranIndex application.

1- Search for words and phrases in the entire Holy Quran or in chapters
2- Use boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT) to group words in the search query to narrow down search.
3- View individual or a range of chapters and verses
4- Open verses to view Arabic and chapter details
5- Support for multiple languages
And some other useful features…

For more information, documentation and translation-downloads visit the homepage:


* Please report bugs and issues with the application and help us make Quran Index better.
* Please email me if you have questions or if you are having troubles installing the application or languages.


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